A Way To Give Back After A Hugely Successful Corporate Life

RÚNA Bouius
2 min readSep 9, 2023


I was recently introduced to a remarkable man, Ashutosh Garg.

Ashutosh is an Indian businessman who founded India’s 2nd largest pharmacy chain, Guardian Pharmacy. For over four decades he served as a highly successful corporate professional and entrepreneur in the Indian business world.

Today, Ashutosh focuses on giving back to society and the global community. He is especially interested in supporting, educating, and empowering young leaders through his writing, storytelling, coaching, investing, and broadcasting.

Introducing The Brand Called You Videocast and Podcast

To reach greater impact, Ashutosh founded ‘The Brand Called You,’ (www.tbcy.in), a Media Tech global platform, supported by young tech professionals.

Through the ‘The Brand Called You’ videocasts and podcasts, Ashutosh brings you leadership lessons, knowledge, experience, wisdom and perspectives from CEO’s, founders, leading personalities, and the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds across the World. These individuals have contributed significantly to making the world a better place.

t was my absolute pleasure to sit down with Ashutosh to discuss my entrepreneurial journey, conscious leadership, how to unleash your true power and so much more. Ashutosh was particularly interested in advice for young leaders.

Enjoy this short podcast that I hope will bring you some new insights into your own leadership journey and strengthen your personal power.

And by all means, explore the other 1900 recordings that Ashutosh and his young team have done with amazing people from over 40 countries. You can do that here >>> www.tbcy.in



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