How A New Era Is Inviting Us To Explore Abundance

RÚNA Bouius
3 min readMay 27, 2023

Virginie Glaenzer, the founder of AcornOak, author, podcast host, and Web3,0 enthusiast, has a new book, The Abundance Economy: The Abundance Innovation Framework.

As I read Virginie’s book, I was reminded of the 5 stages of Values & Worldviews from the Personality Mastery System that I take my clients through.

For the last 2000 years, we have been playing out the Competing-oriented stage, where people and businesses view life solely as competition with others. Based on a scarcity mindset, the focus is on winning at all costs. The leadership model is hierarchical, top-down, command and control, and the power structure is ‘power over.’

The big shift we find ourselves in right now is that, collectively, our values and worldviews are maturing, and we are rolling into the beginning phase of the Relationship-oriented stage. This stage calls for new leadership models and a more conscious way of holding power. We are moving away from the hierarchical power at the top to ‘power to’ and ‘power with.’

“Abundance means having enough, not more than what we need.” — Virginie Glaenzer

You may have heard me talk about this before.

And this new stage requires a shift in mindset. The scarcity mindset works against our thriving and flourishing. In contrast, the abundance mindset opens up infinite possibilities, optimism, and our natural state of caring, giving, and reciprocity.

That is what Virginie’s book is about. It’s telling us we have already moved into a new era where we need to think about wealth and wealth creation differently.

It’s about the new game of deepening relationships, building communities, creating partnerships, and co-creating our future.

And it’s about neuro-distributed systems that foster collaboration among individuals and organizations.

With the book, Virginie sets out to answer four timely questions that would benefit all of us to ponder with her.

1. What is abundance?

2. How do you shift to an abundance mindset?

3. How do you live in abundance?

4. How do you build a business in the abundance economy.

What are your thoughts on abundance? Have you experienced abundance? Are you interested in learning about abundance and integrate it into your business and life.

Enjoy the exploration!


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