The 3-Step Journey To A More Successful Leadership Transformation

RÚNA Bouius
3 min readMar 16, 2024


In a world that’s spinning faster than ever, personal and leadership transformation isn’t just a choice — it’s a must.

It’s not about taking a quick leap; it’s a journey, a deliberate progression through distinct phases. As a TruePower leadership coach, I guide my clients through a 3-Step Transformational Process. It’s more than a blueprint; it’s the roadmap for leaders to authentically evolve, embracing universal principles along the way.

In an era where impatience threatens the depth of transformation, this process underscores the importance of each phase. Because success isn’t a shortcut; it’s a journey worth every step.

Phase 1: Principles — Intellectual Foundations

The journey begins with the acquisition of information, where leaders take in knowledge and principles intellectually. This initial phase sets the stage, laying the foundation upon which the subsequent transformational steps will unfold. Understanding principles is akin to opening the door, inviting leaders into the realm of possibilities.

Phase 2: Practice — Action as Catalyst

Transitioning from knowledge to wisdom demands more than mere comprehension. Phase 2, the Practice phase, challenges leaders to implement principles through action. It is in this phase that principles cease to be abstract concepts and become embedded in the fabric of daily leadership practices.

I emphasize the necessity of going the mileage — putting in the effort, commitment, and consistency required for genuine transformation.

We want to convert this knowledge into lived experiences.

Phase 3: Embodiment — Mastery and Integration

The pinnacle of the transformational journey is Phase 3 where experience becomes wisdom, wisdom becomes knowing and finally culminates in embodiment. Here, leaders not only master the principles but fully integrate them into their being.

Embodiment signifies a profound shift, where principles are no longer external guidelines but intrinsic aspects of a leader’s identity. This transformative stage aligns with the essence of True Power and authentic leadership.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate both your life, leadership and business success? It’s time to step into the next level of your potential. Embrace the power of change, the authenticity of evolution, and the significance of each phase in your personal and leadership transformation. Are you in? Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock unparalleled success and sustained relevance. Take the first step — your transformative future awaits.


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