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Years back, I jetted off to Hollywood in Florida on a mission — to train with Achim Nowak, a luminary in the realms of influence, authorship, and the captivating host of the My Fourth Act podcast. At the time, Achim was helming his brainchild, Influence, a global powerhouse in leadership development. Their forte? Equipping C-Suite executives and high-potential leaders worldwide to exude Executive Presence with finesse. The goal? Preparing me to become a pivotal part of Achim’s esteemed Influence team.

Fast forward to the present, where Achim, in his recent article, “Social Power Is Real. Play With It Well,” triggered a vivid flashback. It brought to the forefront one of the most riveting lessons I gleaned from him — an ingenious 5-prong power framework co-crafted with the insightful psychologist, Dr. Margarite Gurri.

As the True Power Institute charts a course to reshape humanity’s dynamic with power, it feels imperative to spotlight Achim’s invaluable work on the 5 Power Plugs. It’s not just knowledge; it’s a tool for transformation.


Achim and Dr. Gurri have pinpointed five wellsprings of power that are perpetually at your disposal, awaiting cultivation and connection. Your adeptness at harnessing these defines your “presence” — a quality crucially synonymous with Executive Presence in the leadership arena. It’s not just a mannerism; it’s your modus operandi for leaving an indelible mark on the workplace and the world.

To forge empowered connections and communicate effectively, you must be plugged into your own sources of power, comfortable wielding them with courage and thoughtfulness. Equally crucial is the ability to attune to the power reservoirs of your conversation partners — plugging into their unique energy sources. This dynamic interplay elevates conversations to a thrilling plane, characterized by excitement, generosity, spontaneity, and seamless flow.

If you’re itching with curiosity, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of these five dimensions of power, your anticipation is well-placed. It’s time to decode the blueprints of true influence.

  • Position Power
  • Expertise Power
  • Relationships Power
  • Body Power
  • Charisma Power


Position Power:

In Achim’s lexicon, Position Power is the authority stemming from formal professional roles or inherited social status — an external force. While its function is evident, mastering its wise application proves a formidable challenge. Delve deeper into navigating Position Power in Achim’s article, Social Power Is Real. Play Well With It.”

Expertise Power:

Expertise Power is your comfort claiming proficiency in a specific area. It doesn’t imply omniscience; it signifies confidently saying, “I’m an executive coach, a speaker, a writer, a painter, a business growth expert,” with joy. It’s a continual journey of learning and growth within your chosen domain.

Relationship Power:

In the realm of Relationship Power, sustaining healthy connections over time is key. The effortlessness of togetherness, even after years apart, is a hallmark. Additionally, access to influential individuals who can aid your journey is a facet of this dynamic power source.

Body Power:

Body Power is synonymous with being entirely comfortable in your own skin — a palpable energy that others feel. Achim underscores the significance of appearance, as it holds diverse meanings in various contexts, defining the social power derived from physical appearance and health perception.

Charisma Power:

Charisma Power, often labeled the “IT factor,” emanates from an individual whose energy captivates and draws others. It’s a primal, magnetic presence that we all possess. The key lies in awareness and connection to this innate force, described through denotations such as compelling attractiveness, divine gift, spiritual power, and a connection to the divine.

This introduction merely scratches the surface of the 5 Power Plugs. Hopefully, your curiosity is sparked, propelling you to redefine your relationship with power — an endeavor bound to accelerate your success, elevate your leadership, and refine your self-mastery.

Embark on the journey by identifying your strengths and areas needing support within the 5 Power Plugs. For deeper insights, Achim’s book, “Infectious: “Infectious, How To Connect Deeply And Unleash The Energetic Leader Within,” provides inspiration and knowledge. Dive into this transformative resource, complete with an assessment to illuminate your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s time to unlock your potential within the power paradigm of the 5 power plugs.


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