The Indigenous People’s Orientation On Giving Thanks

RÚNA Bouius
2 min readNov 23, 2023


I come from Iceland, a place where Thanksgiving isn’t part of our tradition as it is here in the United States.

Upon my arrival in America, I swiftly immersed myself in the vibrant celebration of abundance and harvest, both literal and metaphorical.

Learning to craft the perfect Thanksgiving feast became a cherished skill, a ritual we shared with family and friends. The charm of this season captivated me, prompting a pause in our daily hustle, inviting quality time with loved ones, and encouraging reflection on the richness of our lives.

Even amidst chaos and crises in the world today, there exists a wellspring of gratitude. Neuroscientists affirm that cultivating a gratitude practice rewires our brains, fostering robust mental states of joy and happiness.

During my time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I gained insight into the Native People’s perspective. Their gratitude extends beyond the fall harvest and human connections; it centers on life, the creator, and all living beings. This ancient wisdom, rooted in respect for the Universe, is a lesson often forgotten by many.

In their traditional Thanksgiving Address, the Native People express gratitude to creation for the blessings bestowed upon us. Their teachings beckon us to hold reverence and respect for life, a powerful reminder that we are not alone.

In reverence to life…

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