Why Having Power Is Not Only Good But Necessary

RÚNA Bouius
3 min readOct 13, 2023


The Topic Of Power Is Intriguing

Jenna Banks is a female thought leader helping people, especially women, to break the shackles of unworthiness and self-doubt and embrace loving themselves more. She is a speaker, the host of the Jenna Banks Show, a researcher, and author of the book, “I Love Me More.”

When I met Jenna recently, she got intrigued when she learned about our work at the True Power Institute. She has herself a story of feeling powerless and embarking on a healing journey at an early age that led her to discover her own power that activated her desire to assist other women doing the same.

As Jenna had never encountered anyone speaking directly about power before, her curiosity prompted her to invite me to be a guest on her Jenna Banks Show. I graciously accepted.

Is Barbie Elevating Our Discussion Of Power?

My conversation with Jenna aired this week. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as the Barbie movie has recently helped drive conversations about the Patriarchy and Power into the mainstream.

After seeing Barbie, Jenna asks, “Could it be that we are on the precipice of a new era?”

I believe we are.

Jenna and I explored the various aspects of power, power cultivation, leaking power, having power, not having power, how we use our power, and so much more.

We talked about the two types of power:

1) The power we wield as leaders, conscious leadership, and using our power for the greater good

2) The power we possess as individuals (yet usually don’t consciously contemplate), how we unwittingly give our power away, and why we should all want to be powerful.

Be a part of unearthing this new era where we are, like Barbie and Ken, shedding our old skin, and stepping into and owning what I call our TRUE POWER.

Join our conversation by watching the episode and give your feedback. And better still, start conversations at your workplace, with your family and friend, and at gatherings you attend. We do need to wake up to our power as well as evolve humanities relationship to power.

Wishing you a future where you are leading and living from your TRUE POWER and helping others do the same.

And as always, stay sane, calm, and peaceful.


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